Renton municipal code

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    An Ordinance Of The City Of Renton Washington Amending Title Vi Of 16%

    NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF RENTON, WASHINGTON, DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: SECTION I. Title VI (Police Regulations) of the Renton Municipal Code, is amended to add a new chapter 13, entitled “Vehicle Trespass,” to read as follows: CHAPTER 13 VEHICLE TRESPASS SECTION:

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    Renton Community Resource Directory Razor Planet 19%

    HEALTH CARE Medical Affordable Housing Options Center for Multi-Cultural Health..... 206-461-6910 Children’s Hospital Resource Line .... 1-866 -987-2500

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    Mark Gropper Executive Director 2900 Ne 10th St Renton Wa 98056 30%

    set forth in Renton Municipal Code (RMC) 4-9-030G.2; however, the applicant has already publicized and obtained grant funding to construct the improvements based on the conceptual floor plan and additional services which thereby results in a highly unreasonable burden on the applicant to undergo a new application process.

  • Peddler S Permit Application Mrsc 17%

    my knowledge and that I will comply with the provisions of the Renton Municipal Code in doing business in Renton. I understand that any untrue statement is cause for revocation of my permit. Date Signature (Printed) STATE OF WASHINGTON ) SS COUNTY OF KING ) I certify that I know or have satisfactory evidence that signed this instrument and ...

  • Renton Ordinance No 5904 Adds New Section To Municipal Code Mrsc 65%

    Title: Renton Ordinance No. 5904 – Adds new section to municipal code on the regulation of short-term rentals (2018) Created Date: 1/7/2019 10:29:40 AM

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    Title 16 Buildings And Construction City Of Tukwila 25%

    TUKWILA MUNICIPAL CODE 16–2 Produced by the City of Tukwila, City Clerk’s Office CHAPTER 16.04 BUILDINGS AND CONSTRUCTION Sections: 16.04.010 Purpose of Chapter 16.04.020 Codes Adopted 16.04.030 Filing Copies of State Building Codes 16.04.040 Compliance with Other Regulations as ...

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    Renton Community Resource Directory 14%

    Community Resource Eastside Domestic Violence..... 425-746-1940 Information ARISE (Men's Shelter)..... 253-854-0077 Harborview Center for Sexual Assault… 206-744-1600 Call 2-1-1 Catholic Comm Svs (Emergency Assist)..... 253-850-2523 Jewish Family Services..... 206-461-3240 Domestic Abuse Women's Network..... 1-877-465-7234 KC Sexual Assault Resource Center… 1-888-998-6423

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    United States Department Of Transportation Federal A Via Ti On 16%

    City of Renton Municipal Airport Respondent DIRECTOR'S DETERMINATION I. INTRODUCTION Docket No. 16-15-03 This matter before the FAA is based on a formal complaint filed in accordance with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 16, Rules of Practice for Federally-Assisted Airport Enforcement Proceedings (14 CFR Part 16).,%20Inc.%20v.%20City%20of%20Renton%20Municipal%20Airport.pdf

  • Bill No Ordinance No An Ordinance To Amend Title 18 20%

    article ii, of the reno municipal code titled “permitted uses and use regulations”, section 18.08.202 titled “additional regulations for principal uses” regarding adult uses; and other matters properly ... barry, 485 u.s. 312 (1988); city of renton v. playtime theatres, inc., 475 u.s. 41 (1986); n.y. state liquor ...

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    Renton Residential Property Manager Billing Form 51%

    Pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington, Chapter 35.21, and Renton Municipal Code, Chapter 8-1, delinquent charges shall become a lien against the Property. Liens will be filed with the King County Recorder’s Office by the City of Renton, if necessary.

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    R Equest For Non Residential Lternate Illing Republic Services 30%

    Pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington, Chapter 35.21, and Renton Municipal Code, Chapter 8-1, delinquent charges shall become a lien against the Property. Liens will be filed with the King County Recorder’s Office by the City of Renton, if necessary.

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    65182 Federal Register 34%

    Renton Municipal Airport Control Zone, Renton, WA [Revised] That airspace bounded by a line beginning at lat 47*32'1G"N., long. 122°12'40"W.; thence clockwise along an arc of a 3-mile radius 3282. The Department determined that circle centered on the Renton Municipal Airport (lat. 47°29'36"N., long. 122°12'52"W.)

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    No 120 R 4 Setbacks For Single Family Residences Sammamish 17%

    2019-01-R6SSFR Handouts are for illustrative purposes only. See Municipal Code for full regulations. Page 1 of 1. NO.120 – R-4 SETBACKS FOR SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCES . Overview . Setbacks for single -family residences (referred to as Single Detached Dwelling Units in the Sammamish Municipal Code) vary by zoning district & home size. Definitions

  • City Of Renton Shoreline Master Program Update Shoreline Cumulative 31%

    City of Renton October 2009 553-1779-031 1-1 1. SUMMARY This report supports City of Renton’s Shoreline Management Program (SMP) update. The City’s SMP, also known as Title 23 of the City of Renton Code (RMC), is being updated to comply with the Washington State Shoreline Management Act (SMA or the Act)

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    Work Release Expansion Project Washington State Department Of Corrections 35%

    • The property in Renton is located within the Center Downtown (CD) zoning district. The Renton Municipal Code does not ... Business in Urban Center (CB-C). The SeaTac Municipal Code does not appear to provide a use classification for DOC WR facilities. 8. Site Review. High Level Zoning and Code analysis (as of June 2020) Tony Lindgren, KMB ...

  • Application For Commercial Business License 48%

    Reference Renton Municipal Code Title 5 Chapter 5. Business Name & Physical Location: Business Phone #: ... renewal and you will need to reapply if you should conduct work in Renton at a later date. I hereby swear or affirm that the statements and information furnished by me on this application are, to my knowledge, accurate, true and complete. ...

  • Incomplete Applications Will Not Be Processed Renton Washington 29%

    Section 4-9-090 of the Renton Municipal Code allows certain types of businesses to be operated in residential areas. The Zoning Administrator must determine whether your application complies with the City’s regulations. The following information about your Home Occupation Business is required.

  • Chapter B Forecasts Of Aviation Activity City Of Renton Wa 31%

    Renton Municipal Airport/ FIG UR E B1 Clayton Scott Field Master Plan Renton Airport Service Area RNT B.3 Legend Number of Aircraft Based at Renton Airport by ZIP Code of Owner 1-4 4-8 8-11 11-14 14-28. B. 5 Existing and Historical Airport Activity

  • Transfer Plan Review Part 2 Draft Report Appendix A March 31 2015 24%

    RMC Renton Municipal Code SH Self-haul SLM sound level meter SMC Shoreline Municipal Code SPL Sound Pressure Level Scalehouse Entry and exit point for each station SIP State Implementation Plan SR State Route SO x sulfur oxides Tipping floor Main building where material is removed from vehicles ...

  • City Of Renton Plan Annex King County Washington 39%

    Renton’s language diversity continues to increase, which creates additional challenges in communicating risk to the population. City of Renton Profile Date of Incorporation: 9/6/1901 Governance: Optional municipal code city governed by a Mayor/Council form of government Population as of 4/1/2019: 104,700 Area: 24 square miles

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